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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vancouver Coupons: "Indulge Living" in Vancouver

Group buying sites have taken the world by storm. In today's economy we're all looking for ways to save, and these group buying sites can save us 50-75% or more.

There is a new player entering the group buying scene in Vancouver, BC: Indulge Living ( This group buying coupon site features Vancouver coupons that promote interaction between friends, family, and other like-minded people. Their passion is to highlight the best Vancouver restaurants, activities, and places where you can indulge.

Many of us find it difficult to find time to indulge in a fun activity with our friends and family. It seems like we never have enough time to get everything done, let alone do anything for ourselves. When we can find time to indulge, it is usually doing something that we can share with family and friends. Indulge Living makes it easy to find things to do in Vancouver, and save 50-75% each time!

How Group Buying Works

Each day group buying sites, like Indulge Living, offer one great deal for a local business. This could be a salon, local attraction, restaurant, activity, or other fun thing to do. Then you buy, share, and enjoy the deal:

1. Buy a deal when you see one that you want to indulge in.
2. Share the deal with friends, family, and social media networks.
3. Enjoy your favourite local places and activities.

The power of social networking is what makes group buying sites so popular and successful. Before the daily coupon is activated, a minimum number of coupons must be purchased. Encouraging your friends and family to purchase this deal can help it reach the minimum so you can all get the deal. You'll even get $10 each time someone you refer purchases a daily deal.

There are 2 ways to see offers by group buying sites like Indulge living. You can visit their website each day or sign-up to receive their daily deal in your email inbox.

Indulge Living launches July 2010, but you can already sign-up for their daily deal newsletter and have offers sent directly to your inbox. If you're one of the first 500 people to subscribe, you'll be rewarded with $10 towards your first Indulge Living coupon purchase. You can learn more about Indulge Living at

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Friday, June 18, 2010

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